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As a part of its main activities, CKTT manages projects supporting the knowledge and technology transfer. Since 2012, we have implemented projects worth about CZK 220 million. The currently on-going projects are the Development of R&D Capacities of Charles University, iKAP 2 - Innovation in Education and Train4EU+.

What are our succeses?

  • We have created the University Innovation Network and gained he opportunity to intensively educate about the knowledge transfer thanks to the project OP “Research, development, education“

  • Following this, we managed to support the university-wide project the Development of R&D Capacities of Charles University, which includes the advancement of human resources in the field of knowledge and technology transfer, as well as cross-sectional collaboration as its leading activities

  • Since autumn 2019, there is the educational online course focused on the project magament, as well as the social and technological innovation. The course was developed in the international collaboration under the support of ReSTI project from programme Interreg.

  • Totally, 25 ideas went through the proof-of-concept process, which also included the estimation of the commercial potential and intellectual property protection, thanks to the GAMA project (under the support of TA CR). In case of some projects, the negotiations with potential investors (about technology licensing or selling) were initiated

  • The follow-up project GAMA 2 (2020-2022), 22 sub-projects have been supported to test the commercial potential. Commercialization and search for potential business partners is provided by the UK Charles University Innovations Prague, a.s. subsidiary.projects

► Currently on-going projects

iKAP 2 - Innovation in Education

The Implementation of Regional Action Plans II (IKAP II) project is implemented by the Prague City Council and is under the Faculty of Education at Charles University. The sub-activity "Entrepreneurship" is undertaken by the Innovation Laboratory of the Charles University under the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of the Charles University.


The international project of the University Alliance 4EU+ strives for excellence in mutual cooperation in teaching, learning, research and administration of the participating universities.

Finished projects:

Development of R&D capacities of Charles University – Finished 6/2023

University-wide project, which supports the improvement of the environment for research-relevant education, as well as the development of human resources in R&D.

GAMA2 Project – Finished 12/2022

GAMA 2 programme (supported by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic) focuses on the verification of applied research outcomes in terms of its practicability and preparation for further commercialization or use for the needs of society. It therefore aims for the proof-of-concept phase of the research. ► MORE

EReadyMonitor – Finished 10/2022

The EReadyMonitor (Engagement Readiness Monitor) project aims to explore and improve the environment for collaboration between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and businesses.

V4+WB Network of Research Managers and Administrators – Finished 4/2022

International project, which is funded by the The International Visegrad Fund, focusing on the strengthening of the research and innovation sector in the Visegrad Group and the Western Balkans.

University Innovation Network – Finished 1/2020

Was financed from the European structural and investing funds, Operational Programme “Research, Development, Education”. Project is intended to develop the University Innovation Network of Charles University through technological scouts and technology transfer coordinators.

Excellence-in-ReSTI project – Finished 10/2019

Is realized within the regional-wide programme Interreg for Dunai with the financial support of EU ERDF and IPA Funds The project is to support the establishment of educational environment.

GAMA Project – Finished 8/2019

It is provided by the Technical Agency of the Czech Republic. The project supports the commercialization of R&D outcomes at Charles University.

Project OP PPR – Proof of Concept at Charles Unviersity – Finished 12/2018

It is funded from the European structutal and investing funds, Operational Programme „Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic”. The project is dedicated to the verification of applicability and commercial potential of research at Charles University.

Pre-seed at Charles University outside of Prague II – Finished 10/2015

The project was funded from the Operational Programme „Rearch, development and innovation“. It follows the precedent project Pre-seed I and further develops it.

Pre-seed at Charles University outside of Prague I – Finished 6/2015

The project was funded from the Operational Programme „Rearch, development, and innovation“. The project is dedicated to improve the intellectual property protection and R&D outcomes commercialization at the departments of Charles University outside of Prague. It has a special emphasis on the field of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies.

Other projects

Via Carolina

Via Carolina is the event about innovations, contractual research, technology transfer, and lifelong learning. Charles University offers a chance to test and experience the technologies and services created at Charles University to the external partners. The first year of Via Carolina event took place in May 2017. The second year was planned for 2019.

Junior University

Takes place as a part of the activities at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. The goal of the project is to show to the students, how is the university diverse and unique in the education it is offering.

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