Contractual Research and Consultancy

Contractual research and consulting services are other possible forms of knowledge transfer.

Contractual research as one of the forms of knowledge transfer can be implemented as (i) custom research or research services, or as (ii) collaborative research, for more details see Rector's Regulation No. 47/2018.

Provision of expert consulting services by CUNI staff to external partners, which is one of the most common, most important and certainly the simplest ways of knowledge transfer, thanks to which expertise is transferred to practice, both in public and private sectors.

Particularly, consulting services include: analyses; expert review, professional objection; consultancy; evaluation, preparation of methodologies; custom training / courses; solving specific and practical problems.

CKTT offers support in the following matters:

  • Negotiations with external partners

  • Legal matters

  • Setting up the form of cooperation and preparation of contractual documents

  • Setting the financial framework of cooperation and internal regulations of funding

  • Administrative matters (employment limits)

  • Protection of the know-how and intellectual property

The support can be implemented in the form of consultations or complete provision of the administrative and business parts of the project by the CKTT team, while the scientific team may only focus on the expert context of the cooperation, and there are no administrative responsibilities on the faculty. The exact conditions of cooperation and support depend on the agreement of the parties involved.

The diagram below depicts the whole process.Click to enlarge.

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