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About us

The Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (CPPT) is an independent part of the Charles University that provides services and information in support of knowledge and technology transfer and creates opportunities and the environment for their spreading in agreement with fulfillment of the third role of the university with the objective to increase its competitiveness and attractiveness for students, employees and general public.

The Centre is developing an innovation network of at the Charles University by interconnecting members of the academic community across all its faculties and organizational units. It is also developing the network through cooperation with innovative organizations outside the Charles University, intermediation of knowledge, experience, services, information and funds. For potential partners it serves as a gateway, guide and mediator.

The Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (CPPT) provides and intermediates

  • patent and legal consulting to scientific workers and students of the Charles University in the field of commercialization

  • consulting, know-how and financial support for specific commercialization projects (e.g. the GAMA program),

  • lifelong education in the field of commercialization (for example, the subject called Management of Science and Innovation),

  • preparation of project applications and subsequent implementation of projects dealing with transfer of knowledge and lifelong education,

  • methodical provision of knowledge and technology transfer at the Charles University.

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The Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of the Charles University

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