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Entrepreneurship is a set of skills that allows an individual to successfully keep up with the rapidly changing conditions of today's world and not be surprised by future challenges.

Why is it important? ► The development of entrepreneurship and creativity, proactivity, willingness to cooperate and the ability to come up with new approaches and ideas are the main prerequisites for innovation. That is why CKTT aims to develop entrepreneurship in students and employees of Charles University through:

  • educational,

  • networking

  • and community activities.

This creates a community of (future) entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovators with the skills to produce quality ideas suitable for practical application.

IMPORTANTEntrepreneurship does NOT mean just business. Business is one of the many ways entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

Entrepreneurship strengthens people's capacity and competence:

  • ► to break out of mainstream thinking,

  • ► enhance relevant skills,

  • ► develop systemic and creative thinking,

  • ► and transform new ideas into sustainable solutions for positive social change.

CKTT offers its entrepreneurial activities to all students, postdoctoral fellows and also to Charles University employees. In this way, it supports the current European trend of knowledge valorisation and knowledge transfer, the creation of innovations, new ideas, projects, across disciplines.

Promoting entrepreneurship is ► part of the University's third role, which emphasises the development of a positive social impact. In short, it is about individuals taking their knowledge and insights gained through their studies proactively outside the university to positively impact on societal development.

CKTT entrepreneurial activities:

Courses and workshops for developing your ideas | Incubation

Evolve in the field of entrepreneurship! ► READ MORE

We organize educational activities, courses and workshops aimed at incubating ideas for everyone - students, scientists, UK employees - at Charles University who are willing:

► to become innovators and changemakers,

implement their own ideas (scientific and non-scientific),

invent solutions to social problems,

► develop their creativity and entrepreneurship,

meet colleagues from other disciplines and experts from practice

► and be at the beginning of innovations that can lead to positive social change.

What we do? We offer:

courses about entrepreneurship for Charles University students - READ MORE

Innovation workshops covering topics that will broaden your horizons and help you start or further develop your own projects,

Creative workshops that focus on unlocking creativity and on tools that help you use innovative thinking more effectively in everyday situations.

Events and competitions | Innovation | Creativity

Be active and try out your entrepreneurial skills! ► READ MORE

We bring opportunities for students to experience entrepreneurship in action. In fact, entrepreneurial events and competitions are a great opportunity to use entrepreneurial approaches, strategies and tools and see what can be done with them. Moreover, in some cases, competitions can also be a good opportunity to get the first funding for your idea/project.

What we do?

► Partner events of the Hybernská Campus residents = Together with organisations based at the Hybernská Campus, which help to create a cultural-innovation melting pot, we prepare events aimed at fostering entrepreneurial spirit and good ideas focused on relevant and topical issues.

► Competitions = Charles University and/or CKTT is a partner or co-organizer of several competitions (ideathons, hackathons) to offer our students opportunities to apply and test their skills in practice.

We are partners of Falling WallsNakopni PrahuDisraptors Summit and others.

► Interuniversity events = We connect students across disciplines and faculties because it is the interdisciplinary environment that creates innovative and complex ideas and solutions. We also encourage inter-university collaboration. We co-organize Startup Night.

Entrepreneurial Community | Networking

Meet like-minded people and build network to help you start your project. ► READ MORE

One of the basic prerequisites for entrepreneurship development is networking. It brings the opportunity to:

meet and get to know like-minded people,

connect with each other,

share experiences and knowledge

► and possibly form new partnerships

► and establish new entrepreneurial collaborations.

What we do?

Building an entrepreneurial innovation community at Charles University = face-to-face meetings and Facebook community

Connecting within the university = Regular meetings of entrepreneurs and initiators of entrepreneurial activities at Charles University.

Connecting at the level of the Czech Republic = CKTT is part of the informal networking group University FOR Entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurship stakeholders from different universities in the Czech Republic meet regularly.

Projects focused on entrepreneurship | Inspiration

With experts from the practice, we create inspiring podcasts and workshops focused on entrepreneurship development in primary and secondary schools.

We have been involved in the iKAP II project, where we are responsible for the key activity Entrepreneurship. The aim of this activity is to inspire current and future primary and secondary school teachers on how to teach in an innovative and entrepreneurial way, with the help of the experienced experts - entrepreneurs from practice that we have brought into the project.

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