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Evolve in the field of entrepreneurship! ► We provide practical and interdisciplinary education focused on entrepreneurship and idea incubation for undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists and other employees from all over Charles University, as well as for the general public as a part of the lifelong learning program.

Each of our courses is unique in its connection to practice and can serve as a complement or extension of curricula across disciplines and faculties. Why entrepreneurship?

Courses about entrepreneurship we offer in Czech

In the winter semester 2023/2024 we are not opening any courses in English.

Management of Science and Innovation

The one-semester course focuses on innovation and the topic of applying research results in practice.

Learn how to actively look for applications for the results of your research or studies. The course will introduce how to better anticipate future social trends and how to think innovatively. You will also gain insight into the process of social science and technology transfer (transfer of science into practice), including the protection of intellectual property.

Innovation Lab: Start a project

A practical project seminar in the form of a ten-week challenge to move your own idea to realisation.

Experience the process of creating a new service or product from idea to implementation. And maybe even bring the project to life. The course, which is open to all students across all disciplines and faculties of Charles University, also offers the possibility to work on your own podcast.

Podnikni to! - Business course

A successful business course, which has already been attended by more than 6,000 students.

Are you hesitating whether or not to do business? A course of eight practical workshops focused on basic entrepreneurial knowledge and skills will show you how to transform your idea step by step into a real business with the potential for success.

Living laboratory of collaboration

A practical project course where you will experience collaboration on a real socially relevant event.

Experience very intensive collaboration on your own skin and at the same time gain theoretical basics of self-management, teamwork and cooperation in the organization, which you will be able to use immediately in practice when preparing an event at the Hybernská Campus.

Read more about our courses ► HERE (in Czech).

In previous years we have also offered courses in English, for example:

Innovation in humanitarian aid

► Code TVOL0020, 4 credits

► The course took place at the Hybernská Campus (Hybernská 4, Prague 1)

► Read more about the course in FORUM Charles University Magazine:

Student event caps new course on humanitarian aid

Text by Jan Velinger, 16. 1. 2023

The Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at CU brings together experts and students from different faculties and fields. Interdisciplinary approaches can inspire new solutions in practice. Last week, the centre hosted an event capping a successful new course - in its first inception or test or pilot run - called Innovation in Humanitarian Aid. Forum was there.

Read the full article HERE

WIPO Summer School

► Summer School on Intellectual Property, September 6 – 17, 2021, online

► Coorganised by CKTT CU and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Czech Republic’s Industrial Property Office

► Read more about the course in FORUM Charles University Magazine:

WIPO Summer School at Charles University

Text by Jan Velinger, 8. 7. 2021

"To an outsider, the IP or intellectual property regime can seem complicated. There are four main categories of IP protection, each protected a little differently (and each of which protects different aspects of innovation). When you add all the different geographic jurisdictions worldwide and realise that certain categories need to be registered within different jurisdictions separately, it can appear a little complex," says James Heller,

a Prague-based expert on law and IP, who has been working with Charles University to bring the WIPO Summer School to Prague.

Read the full article HERE

Do you need an individual consultation?

► Are you considering starting your own business based on the latest scientific knowledge? Need advice on your project? We are here for you!

► Based on the consultation, we will advise you on how to proceed - we will prepare individual training for you and recommend mentors.

► Consultations are free of charge for all Charles University students and staff.

► Contact us -

Other courses you might be interested in...

Elements of AI+ – Introduction to AI

► Code NAIL130, 3 credits

► Online course available also for non registred students and public on www.elementsofai.com

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? How does it impact our lives? And what are its possibilities? In cooperation with prg.ai and MFF CU we offer you an online introduction course on the topic of AI without a need of solid mathematics and IT background. The online course has been prepared by the University of Helsinki. CUNI students will be able to complete it in both English or Czech versions.

Ethics of AI

► non-credited

► online course available also for non registred students and public on ethics-of-ai.mooc.fi/

What does AI ethics means? What can and can’t be done to develop AI in an ethically sustainable way? How to start thinking about AI from an ethical point of view? These and other questions are answered in a free online course in English developed by the University of Helsinki. The course is aimed at anyone interested in the ethical aspects of AI.

Excellence in ReSTI (e-learning)

► non-credited

► Online e-learning course in English

► The course is available to Charles University students and the public on the platform MOOC.

► Course modules: Project management, Social Innovation, Innovation in the Business Context and others.

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