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Get training in management of science and innovations! ► The courses under the patronage of CPPT are intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists and other employees of the Charles University, as well as for the general public as a part of the lifelong learning program.

We offer the following courses in English in the winter semester 2021:

Registration for CUNI students via SIS is open from Jan. 24th to Feb. 13th 2022.

Management of Science and Innovation 1 (MSI1)

► code TVOL0002 in SIS, 6 credits

► also as a part of the lifelong learning program or a tailored course for companies

► the course is available in winter and summer semesters

This practical one-semester course in English focuses of management in science, project management and technology transfer. The course is intended particularly for students of the 4th and higher years of master programs, continuing master programs and Ph.D. programs from all faculties of the Charles University, as well as for academic and other workers who have the ambition to become leaders of scientific or innovation projects. ► READ MORE

Management of Science and Innovation 2 (MSI2)

► code TVOL0004 in SIS, 2 credits

► also as a part of the lifelong learning program (with a certificate of completion)

► the course is provided in the winter semester only

The course is a follow-up to MSI1. It is in the form of a series of meetings with professionals from practice and it will help you deepen your knowledge and move forward in project management in science and innovations. The meetings are conducted in English. ► READ MORE

Management of Science and Innovation 3 (MSI3)

► put your scientific or innovation project into practice

virtual business incubator of the Charles University

► the course is conducted on a running basis -

The course MSI3 uses the forms of individual training, couching and mentoring provided by professionals from relevant fields of business and industry. It is intended for students and employees of the Charles University who are planning to start their own business based on the latest scientific knowledge. ► READ MORE

Innovation Lab

► code TVOL0006, 6 credits

► the course takes place in winter and summer semester in Kampus Hybernská (or online)

► the course is in Czech

The practical project seminar is intended for all students of Charles University. In the Innovation Lab you will experience the process of creating a new service or product from idea to implementation - you will try teamwork, creating a business plan that you will test with real customers. And maybe the project will succeed in bringing to life. The guarantor of the course is Jan Veselý. ► MORE

Elements of AI – Introduction to AI

► code TVOL0007, 2 credits

► online course available also for non registred students and public on www.elementsofai.com

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? How does it impact our lives? And what are its possibilities? In cooperation with prg.ai, we offer you an online introduction course on the topic of AI without a need of solid mathematics and IT background. The online course has been prepared by the University of Helsinki. CUNI students will be able to complete it in both English or Czech versions. ► MORE

Ethics of AI

► code TVOL0017, 2 credits

► online course available also for non registred students and public on ethics-of-ai.mooc.fi/

What does AI ethics means? What can and can’t be done to develop AI in an ethically sustainable way? How to start thinking about AI from an ethical point of view? These and other questions are answered in a free online course in English developed by the University of Helsinki. The course is aimed at anyone interested in the ethical aspects of AI. ► MORE

Online course Excellence-in-ReSTI

ReSTI = Research, Social and Technological Innovation Project Management

► CU students registred via SIS can get 2 credits for compleating each of 5 modules in this course

► online course available also for non registred students and public on the platform MOOC.

The course will present to you topics that are critical for management of projects focusing on research, social and technological innovations; you will become familiar with EU policies, as well as with topics associated with projects of social innovations, funding, IPR or marketing and communication. ► READ MORE

World of Farmaceutical Industry

► code TVOL0005 in SIS, 2 credits

► the next course starts: April 6, 2021 in Kampus Hybernská

► the course is in Czech

A series of workshops provides a comprehensive mapping of research and development of pharmaceutical products, specifically from the initial research stage, up to successful poduct registration, pricing strategy and reimbursement from public health insurance, but it also covers regulation of cooperation between doctors and producers/distributors of medicinal products. The course is intended for all CUNI students across disciplines and faculties who are curious about learning more about the pharmaceutical industry and its practical applications. ► READ MORE

Courses for external organizations

CPPT offers its courses also for the audience outside the Charles University. Read more about our offer to companies and other organizations ►HERE.

Are you a student or employee of another university and are you interested in attending our courses? Contact us directly to the email address: .

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