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Academia and start-ups - at the first glance two different universes. Fast-paced entrepreneurship, investment, business strategy, development, the dream of a successful exit. In contrast: publications, grants, charts, tubes, endless acronyms and academic degrees. 

Yet we also have much in common. For example, our experts also dream of inventing something that will make a real difference to the world. And sometimes they succeed!

Find out how you can use the world of academia to kick-start your own business! 

► What can we talk about? 

Charles University Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer 

The University is a large and complex institution. To help you to get to know it better, there is a team of people who can work as your guide. We are the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer - interpreters between two different galaxies.

What do we do? ► We connect our scientists and students with external partners: companies, non-profit organizations or public institutions.

The University is brimming with unique know-how and ideas for innovation. And we look for practical applications for our researchers' inventions. Perhaps also in collaboration with enthusiasts from the startup environment. Perhaps with you! 

University = ideas and people 

How many interesting ideas can be hatched in the heads of more than 5,000 academics and 51,000 students in more than 800 disciplines?

  • At the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, we can provide you with the right contact - from specialists in the natural sciences or IT, to experts on the social impact of business.

  • We continuously prepare our students and academics to work with companies.

  • We can help with contracting and facilitate the paperwork around potential collaborations.  

Charles University is recognized as the most prestigious university in the Czech Republic and is proud on its high rate of graduate employment. Cultivate talents for your company among students so that they can naturally join you as professionals upon graduation. 

Are you interested? Let's meet and get to know each other better! 

Let's make an appointment and come to our office in Petrská Street

Jiří Valach


Mobil: +420 739 771 932

Hubert Topinka


Mobil: +420 771 134 089


What can we talk about? 

  • How can you use our academic experts as consultants

  • How can you benefit from research to accelerate your business

  • What is the potential of social sciences and humanities to accelerate innovations

  • How to make the most of the innovative atmosphere at the Hybernská Campus for networking and other activities? 

  • Are you curious about other topics? No problem, just come and ask! 

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