Support of commercialization of R&D outcomes in Charles University II

CURRENTLY ► The 3rd round has already been closed. The 4th round is tentatively planned for the 2nd quarter of 2021

GAMA 2 program of Technical Agency of the Czech Republic is focused on the support of the verification of research outcomes of applied science, the experimental development in terms of practical application, and the preparation of subsequent usage in commercial field or for societal needs. Therefore, its main focus is the proof-of-concept research. The major effort of Charles University here is to support high quality projects with results suitable for further commercial usage.

The project is coordinated and administered by CKTT.

The Rector of Charles University is the decision-maker in terms of funding of selected projects based on the recommendations of the Board for Commercialization of Charles University. The responsibility of fulfilling the project requirements is carried by the faculties, where the granted research is realized.

Goals of the project:

  • Further development and improvement of the established innovation ecosystem in Charles University including the organization of commercialization activities and proof-of-concept support

  • Search for greater number of outcomes of R&D with the potential of commercialization and focusing on their quality

  • Maximum utilization of the subsidiary company of CUNI Charles University Innovations Prague, s.r.o. for commercialization and project sustainability

  • Propagation of commercial applications of research outcomes in the fields of Human sciences and Social sciences to increase the number of applications in spheres.

  • Propagation of opportunities to commercialize, good cased studies and positive impact towards the communities of researchers and students with the emphasis on the important of timely consultation with the experts at CKTT, particularly regards the questions about intellectual property protection and opprtunities for applications in commerce.

Funded from: Technological Agency in Czech Republic, GAMA 2 program

Total allocation: 16 112 000 Kč

Total allocation for CKTT: 24 136 902 Kč

Registration number: TP01010040

Realization period: 1/2020 – 12/2022

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Contact person: Ivana Sýkorová


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