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Directory board

► Strategic direction of transfer at Charles University ► management and coordination of CKTT activities ► support of transfer at faculties and units of Charles University

Mgr. Jiří Valach

Designated director


Mobile phone: +420 739 771 932

Jiří manages the activities of CKTT and represents the centre externally. He is a member of the extended Rector's College

Mgr. Ivana Sýkorová, Ph.D.

Deputy of designated director


Mobile phone: +420 776 007 130

Telephone: +420 224 491 209

In the CKTT management Ivana is responsible for HR and financial management, and she actively supports the application of research results, especially in the humanities and social sciences. She collaborates intensively and shares good practice from international partners (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, 4EU+ alliance). She is responsible for the PR activities of the CKTT and also serves as Secretary of the Commercialisation Council.

Legal issues, IP

► Intellectual property ► invention application ► patents ► maintenance fees ► trademarks ► contract research ► collaborative research ► preparation of contract documents

Mgr. Ludmila Švrčinová



Mobile phone: +420 723 206 765

Ludmila deals with general legal support in the field of intellectual property protection. In addition, she prepares contracts regulating relations arising from the disposal of the results of intellectual creative activity.

External consultants:

Mgr. Eva Adlerová, Ph.D.

Legal and trademark specialist

Eva focuses on intellectual property law, especially trademark law, where she provides comprehensive legal advice.

Mgr. Miroslav Hoša


Miroslav provides general legal support and he also focuses on professional advice, particularly in the area of intellectual property law.

Transfer / Impact management

► Consultation on applied research and application of research results ► support for cooperation with external partners and the public sector ► examples of good practice ► social relevance ► search for external partners ► search for financial resources

Mgr. Ivana Sýkorová, Ph.D.

Deputy of designated director


Mobile phone: +420 776 007 130

Telephone: +420 224 491 209

Ivana is methodologically responsible for the area of transfer from the humanities and social sciences, she cooperates intensively and shares good practice from foreign partners (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Amsterdam, Cologne, Vienna, 4EU+ alliance). She consults on Technology Agency of the Czech Republic Sigma projects, including support for proof-of-concept projects. Guides scientists through the process of finding appropriate applications for their research results and manages specific collaborations with external partners.

Mgr. Hubert Topinka

Knowledge transfer specialist in the fields of social sciences and humanities


Mobile phone: +420 771 134 089

Hubert works on cases of knowledge transfer from academia to society. He focuses on sustainability issues and develops relationships with public administration and NGOs.

Bc. Ivona Harvey

Social Sciences and Humanities Knowledge Transfer Coordinator


Ivona is part of the team that works on cases of knowledge transfer from academia to society - she takes care of its administration. She works on the Train4EU+ project and organizes the course Violence in Close Relationships.

Education / Entrepreneurship

► Information about the courses offered ► the CKTT training concept ► entrepreneurship ► information about studying for external candidates ► CKTT training as Lifelong learning ► tailor-made training events/training

Bc. Petra Práglová

Education coordinator


Mobile phone: +420 605 835 605

Telephone: +420 224 491 255

Petra takes care of the administrative support and coordination of educational activities at CKTT. She is also an assistant in the CKTT office.

Mgr. et Bc. Veronika Primasová Hrubá

Education Specialist

On maternity leave

Veronika manages and coordinates the system of educational activities under the CKTT auspices. She takes care of the evaluation of educational activities and their development, as well as the search for external partners for education and communication with them.

Mgr. Veronika Haissingerová

Guarantor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Community


Mobile phone: +420 778 956 083

Veronika is dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem at Charles University. She is involved in and co-creates the university-level entrepreneurship network University FOR Entrepreneurship, leading the network "Entrepreneurship at Charles University". Her main task is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem, to connect entrepreneurial actors and to create an enabling environment for the creative entrepreneurial spirit. Related to this is the collaboration and co-creation of entrepreneurial events (Startup Night, Ideathon, Falling Walls, residency events in the context of nef. fulfilment in KH). It has introduced a series of innovation and creativity workshops that support the different competency entrepreneurial areas of students during the academic year.

Bc. et Bc. Jan Veselý

"Start a Project" course Lead


Jan runs together with Ondřej Mrkus the course Innovation Lab: Start a Project, a project seminar focused on innovation. In the past, he has created several acceleration programs focused on social innovation, founded EduFórum, created the online portal, etc. Currently he is also in charge of education at Slevomat.

Contact for media

► Information on CKTT events ► Management of the CKTT website ► Management of CKTT social networks ► Media contacts

Bc. Klára Nechvílová

PR specialist


Mobile phone: +420 770 132 001

Telephone.: +420 224 491 371

Klára is the main contact for media. She manages CKTT website, LinkedIN page and is responsible for the promotion of CKTT both internally and externally.


► Administration ► Invoicing ► CKTT accounting matters

Bc. Petra Práglová



Mobile phone: +420 605 835 605

Telephone: +420 224 491 255

Petra is the heart of our office! In case you need something or have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach her! In addition to her operational responsibilities in the office, she also helps with the administration of CKTT educational courses.

Ing. Marie Katakalidisová

Senior Expert


Mobile phone: +420 725 384 997

Telephone: +420 224 491 452

The soul of CKTT that has been here since the centre's founding. She keeps track of the office budget and contract research. She also handles all CKTT billing.

Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

Find more on university Personal Data Protection page.

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