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CKTT Core Team (office in Petrská str.)

Innovation Scouts

Project team: RK VaV UK

Project team: Campus Hybernská

CKTT Core Team

Directory board

Mgr. et. Mgr. Hana Kosová



Mobile phone: +420 604 425 572

Telephone: +420 224 491 508

Hana leads the whole team, coordinates its activities, and represents it externally. She is a member of the extrended Rector’s Board of CUNI and the Supervisory Board of CUIP. Furthermore, she is also in the board of directors of and in the ASTP board.

Mgr. Ivana Sýkorová, Ph.D.

Deputy director


Mobile phone: +420 776 007 130

Telephone: +420 224 491 209

Ivana deputizes the director of CKTT. She is also a secretary of the Board for Commercialization, the advisory board of the rector of CUNI. Her main expertise is the social sciences knowledge transfer, and she is also in charge of the TA ČR GAMA programme.

Mgr. Jiří Valach

Deputy director


Mobile phone: +420 702 186 488

Telephone: +420 224 491 355

Jiří deputizes the director of CKTT. He is the creator and manager of developmental programmes on how to improve efficiency of knowledge and technology transfer, as well as he ensures technical and organizational operations in the office.


Bc. Petra Práglová



Mobile phone: +420 605 835 605

Telephone: +420 224 491 255

Petra is the heart of our office! In case you need something or have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach her! In addition to her operational responsibilities in the office, she also helps with the administration of CKTT educational courses. Do you consider enrolling on one of our courses? Petra is here to help you!

Ing. Marie Katakalidisová

Senior Expert


Mobile phone: +420 725 384 997

Telephone: +420 224 491 452

Marie is the soul of CKTT, who has been here since the very start of its establishment! She keeps records of the office budget flow and contractual research.

Contact for media

Bc. Klára Nechvílová

PR specialist


Mobile phone: +420 770 132 001

Telephone.: +420 224 491 371

Klára is the main contact for media. She manages CKTT website, LinkedIN page and is responsible for the promotion of CKTT both internally and externally.

Legal issues, IP

Mgr. Miroslav Hoša



Mobile phone: +420 602 566 153

Telephone: +420 224 491 352

Miroslav is the in-house lawyer at CKTT. He provides colleagues with legal support, as well as with professional consultancy in the field of intellectual property law.

Mgr. Matěj Machů, Ph.D.

Intellectual property consultant


Mobile phone: +420 731 508 003

Are you facing issues with intellectual property? Are you searching for advice on patenting? This is the right person to contact! Matěj also take part in the preparation of contacts and other documents.

Mgr. Eva Adlerová, Ph.D.

Legal and patent specialist


Mobile phone: +420 702 275 025

Telephone: +420 224 491 119

Eva is the part of our legal team and she specializes on trademarks.

Analyst team

Ing. Antonín Králík, Dr. rer. nat.

Market potential analyst and patent specialist


Mobile phone: ‭+420 771 134 090

Antonín has many years of experience in fundamental and applied research in the field of chemistry. He mainly consults life science projects, and also conducts patent and literature research. Moreover, he will be happy to consult you on preparation of the patent application.

European projects

Bc. Ivona Harvey

Coordinator of ReSTI and 4EU projects


Mobile phone: +420 775 274 566

Ivona coordinates projects 4EU+ and V4+WB Network of Research Managers and Administrators. She also take part in ERIC/CERIC projects. She cooperates on the preparation of Hyb4City project (Campus Hybernská) and, together with Dr. Sýkorová, supports the knowledge transfer in the field of social sciences.

Serena Mancini, MA, MBS, PhD

Consultant, EU Fund Specialist


Telephone: +420 224 491 255 (p. Práglová)

Serena takes care of European projects at CKTT.

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