• For Researchers and students

For Researchers and students

CKTT is a university-wide department focused on supporting the knowledge and technology transfer into practice. We offer most of our services to CUNI staff and students completely free of charge.

We will consult and help you if …

  • you have an interesting new idea / research output, and you need advice on how to properly protect it, how to patent it, how to proceed correctly according to the internal university regulations

  • ... you have been approached by a commercial company interested in licensing or buying your idea;

  • results of your research seem to have commercial potential and you want to verify it, to conduct market research, or to gain additional funding on proof-of-concept research

  • ... you have been contacted by the party outside CUNI regarding possible cooperation or use of your expertise, and you need help with negotiating cooperation conditions, estimating the price strategy, contractual adjustment, or simply with securing business and administrative matters;

  • ... you want to publish the results of your research, but, meanwhile, you suppose they have commercial potential;

  • ... you consider starting a spin-off company that would provide your invention or expert services;

  • ... you want to discuss the possibilities of transferring your research in practice;

  • ... you want to discuss the opportunities of applying the humanities and social sciences in practice having specific examples of good practice;

  • ... you are looking for funding to verify the commercial / applied potential of research outcomes

How is the knowledge and technology transfer is organizes within CUNI? Take a look at the diagram below.

Are you curious about:

  • What are the examples of CKTT activities? ► Case studies (page under construction)

  • What does the CUNI innovation ecosystem look like?Innovation ecosystem

  • What does the CUNI innovation ecosystem look like? ► Innovation ecosystem

  • What is Charles University Innovations Prague, what is it responsible of? CUIP website

The CPPT is here for you. Contact us.

Do you want to discuss the potential of your scientific outcomes? Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of knowledge and technology transfer at CUNI? Contact us and we will be glad to discuss the matters with you. ► Contacts

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