Elective course: MANAGEMENT of Science and Innovation (MSI)

  • Are you interested in science and innovations?

  • Would you like to learn how to manage projects and succeed?

  • Do you want to know how to protect your ideas and how to prepare a business plan in order to see your thoughts applied in a daily life?

Apply for a practical course Management of Science and Innovation (MSI). The course is brought to you by Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office of Charles University – CPPT UK.

The course primarily aims at students of the 4th year and higher of Master and PhD programmes of all faculties as well as at academic workers with the ambition to lead scientific or innovation projects. It is also a part of the Life-long education programme. The objective of the course is to provide all university faculties with a uniform education in management of science, project management and technology transfer.

  • The introductory MSI1 is one-semester long, blended course combining webinars and a few workshops, all in English with 6 credits rewarding the students successfully completing it.

  • The next level: MSI2 is a more advanced, in-depth series of practical workshops led by hands-on practitioners from different industries.

  • The highest level – MSI3 – supports the students who decide to prepare and implement a real case via developing a business plan via individual mentoring and consultations with a mentor who is again an experienced practitioner from the relevant industry sector.

The course is also open for university employees as a part of the Lifelong Learning Program at the Charles University. CPPT can prepare customized course for commercional subjects - .


What does the course contain? The course consists of 13 modules that cover 3 thematic blocks: PROJECT – COMMERCIALIZATION – MANAGER

Topics of the individual teaching modules are:

  • 1. Introduction. Development of teams (classroom lecture)

  • 2. System of science management and evaluation (distant learning)

  • 3. Financial sources for science, research and innovation in the Czech Republic and EU (distant learning)

  • 4. Preparation of research and innovation projects (distant learning)

  • 5. Preparation of own RDI project (distant learning)

  • 6. Basics of knowledge and technology transfer (distant learning)

  • 7. Protection of intellectual property in RDI (distant learning)

  • 8. Business model. Business plan. Spin-out (distant learning)

  • 9. Preparation of own business plan (distant learning)

  • 10. Communication skills (distant learning)

  • 11. Team & time management (distant learning)

  • 12. Project management (distant learning)

  • 13. Training of communication skills (classroom lecture)

What do alumni say?

MUDr. Josef Fontana, Third Faculty of Medicine CUNI

Hana Fořtová, infiberry, s.r.o., cofounder

What can you expect? You will:

  • get practical skills;

  • prepare your own project in teams;

  • meet with leading experts in each field;

  • get a basic overview of project management, time management, legislative minimum, etc.;

  • work on your soft skills during the training of communication skills.

What is the form of the lectures? It is a mix of classroom and distant learning:

  • Classroom: Zelená posluchárna, RUK, Celetná 20, Prague 1

  • Distant learning: webinars (in Adobe Connect, usually on Tuesday at 16:00-17:30), teaching texts and videos in Moodle UK

Completion of MSI

  • Getting 6 points for active participation at webinars.

  • Getting 6 points for tests with pass grade.

  • Getting 6 points for teamwork = to prepare your own fictitious project, to apply for a grant and to prepare a business plan in students teams made up of 3-5 participants

  • Feedback

Participants who have successfully completed the subject are awarded with 6 credits and digital badge. Graduates of the Lifelong Learning program course obtain a Certificate about the successful completion.

How to register?

  • CU students can register via SIS, the code of the course is TVOL0002.

  • Other participants can contact CPPT - by mail or on telephone number +420 224 491 255, Bc. Petra Práglová.

  • Registration in SIS is open 2 weeks before the beginning of each semester. The capacity is limited to 50 students.

  • The course is open every year both in the winter and summer semester.

Guarantor of the Subject:

RNDr. Eugen Kvašňák Ph.D.




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