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University Innovation Network

University Innovation Network (UIS)

University Innovation Network (UIN) was initially started in 2014 within the KREDO project; in year 2015, it was financed by CKTT. Subsequently, the support from the Operational Program “Research, development, education” was received, and the project UIN received the opportunity for further development.

The main goal of the project:

  • To further develop the university innovation network through so-called technological scouts (in life science and medical fields) or knowledge transfer coordinators (in social sciences).

The development of UIN takes place in two fundamental directions:

  1. Educating the employees of CKTT, scouts and tech transfer coordinators

  2. Propagation of knowledge and technology transfer principle among R&D employees of Charles University; active search and networking with the commercial field; and process establishment for knowledge and technology transfer within Charles University.

The project is subdivided into the following activities :

  • KA A) Education: educational activities for coordinators/scouts and CKTT

  • KA B) Internal regulations: the update of internal regulations of technology transfer

  • KA C) Project management

  • KA D) Popularization of technology transfer within Charles University: awareness raising about technology transfer among the academic and R&D staff

  • KA E) Support system UIN: scouts’ communication within faculties towards the CKTT

  • KA G) Analytics: work with databases, analysis of commercial potential of intellectual property generated at Charles University

  • KA J) Partnership: partnership expansion with foreign TTOs

  • KA K) Networking: raising awareness of commercial sphere about the cooperation with Charles University

  • KA L) Marketing: catalogue of services (business cards), propagation materials, communication strategy

Funded from: Operational Programme „Research, development, education“

Total allocation: 37.068.954,25 Kč

Registration number: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_014/0000651

Realization period: 1. 2. 2017 - 31. 1. 2020

The UIN project is automatically followed by the key activity number 6 within the university-wide project Development of R&D capacities of Charles University.

Want to know more?

Contact person: Mgr. Jiří Valach


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