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Innovation lab (Campus Hybernská)

  • Do you want to experience the creation of the new service or product from the initial phase to its final implementation?

  • Do you enjoy learning by doing from the real experts?

  • Are you interested in innovations?

UPDATE: Newest information on the on-going semester can be found

The Innovation Lab is a practice-driven seminar intended for all students of Charles University across different departments. You will not find frontal instruction and precise syllabus here. However, you will be able to experience all phases of project development on your own case under the supervision of competent mentors from business.

► But the most important thing is to be courageous and to not be afraid!

The course is newly accredited by the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at Charles University (formerly by the Faculty of Arts) within activities as Campus Hybernská.

What exactly will you learn?

You will experience how to implement innovation with optimizing time, money, and your own potential, while working on the real idea, service, or product development.

What will you experience:

  • Prototype creation of new products and services

  • Formulation of the business plan

  • Idea testing with real customers

  • Efficient co-operation in the team of 2-4 people

What you need to know

  • You do not need any experience or idea to register.

  • It would be good to have enough motivation to work on something meaningful and to have enough time during semester.

  • It is possible to enrol individually, as well as in the already organized teams.

How is the course organized?

  • In the beginning of the semester, the work teams are created, which will work on the projects

  • During the course, the lecturers try to create the appropriate environment, so that work on the project is both beneficial and manageable – they will interconnect you with the mentors, help with the interview, etc.. Planned beforehead meetings will save your time and make your work easier.

  • Exact conditions for completing the course can be found on the website.

Who leads the course?

Jan Veselý

LinkedIN - Personal website

Jan leads the Innovation Lab and, meanwhile, is the course head supervisor. In the past, he created several acceleration programmes devoted to social innovation (e.g. Vodafone Foundation Lab); while leading IBM Smarter University, he coordinated Alliance for Youth in the Czech Republic and founded EduForum, created the online portal dobrokurzy.cz. Besides teaching at Charles University, Jan oversees education activities at Slevomat and works on the decentralized ecosystem for the lifelong learning. His major focus is on the future of education during emerging transhumanism.

How to register?

  • Charles University students enrol through SIS system, course code is TVOL0006 (worth 6 credits)

  • Academic employees and employees at Charles University can participate after agreeing it with the course supervisor –

  • Students outside Charles University can participate in the course after agreeing with the course supervisor – in case of free capacity, they are welcome, but they won’t get any credits – .

  • Registration always opens 2 weeks before the semester starts

  • Course is repeated every academic year both in summer and winter semesters

Want to know more?

Visit Innovation Lab website. There you may find the complete information about the organization of the on-going semester, the overview of relevant upcoming innovation competitions, history of the course and many more.

Want to ask something?

You didn’t find what you were looking for at the website of Innovation Lab, and you want to ask something? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Jan Veselý


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