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  • MSI2 - Management of Science and Innovation 2

MSI2 - Management of Science and Innovation 2

Have you taken the MSI1 course and would like to learn more?

Deepen your knowledge and move forward in project management in the field of science and innovation. We would like to offer you a follow-up MSI2 course. The course consists of meetings with the most qualified experts with practical experience who will help you to broaden your knowledge and practical skills.

The one-semester mostly classroom course is primarily designed for those who took the MSI1 course and who are more deeply interested in management of science and innovations. The format of the course seeks to involve its participants as much as possible. The topics are presented by true practitioners from relevant fields of business and industry and in comparison with MSI1 the lectures go deeper and focus more on practice.

The MSI2 course can be combined with a consultation seminar MSI3 designed for those who want to start their own business based on the latest scientific knowledge.

UPDATE: the course is not open for Winter semester 2021/22. Thanks for your understanding.

The course consists of an open menu of the topics:

  • Introduction

  • Advanced IP Management and Licensing, IP Management in Research Collaborations

  • Contractual and Collaborative Research – Case Studies and Practical Approach

  • Advanced Management and Evaluation of Science

  • New Technology Transfer System at Charles University - Charles University Innovations Prague s.r.o.

  • The Mind of the Venture Capitalist

  • European Financing

  • Practical approach to Project Management

  • Investors View

  • Social Innovations

  • Medical Devices – design and certification process, cooperation between academic institutions and companies

  • Ethics of Commercialisation

  • How to Use Trademarks for Commercialization

TIMETABLE for autumn/winter semester 2020 - HERE.

What is the form of the course?

The course form is combined: most of the lessons require students to be present in the classroom, some other are in the form of webinars.

  • Classroom lessons: the premises of CPPT, Petrská 3, Prague 1

  • Distance learning: Webinars (in Adobe Connect)

  • Seminars will be streamed if necessary.

The course will be taught in the English language and it will be available in the winter semesters.

Who should take the course?

  • Students in the 4th and higher years of master degree programs, post-bachelor master degree programs and Ph.D. programs from all faculties of the Charles University, students participating in the ERASMUS program (free of charge)

  • Academic workers and employees of the Charles University (free of charge)

  • Applicants from outside the Charles University, as a part of its Lifelong learning program (they shall pay the course fee - price: 18 000 CZK (course), 2 000 CZK (seminar))

Taking the MSI1 course is highly recommended.

CUNI students

  • Registration via SIS - code TVOL0004

  • Successful completion of the subject is awarded with 2 credits.

  • Active participation at seminars is required.

Academic workers and employees of the Charles University

  • For your registration use registration form HERE.

  • After successful completion of the course you will receive the Certificate of Completion.

  • Active participation at seminars is required.

Applicants from outside the Charles University


Guarantor of the course:

Mgr. et Mgr. Hana Kosová

Do you have any questions?

Petra Práglová


Telephone: +420 224 491 255

Leaflet in .pdf in print quality can be found HERE.

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