MSI (Basic)

The course consists of three 3 thematic blocks - (1) PROJECT, (2) COMMERCIALIZATION and (3) MANAGER, which include 13 modules.

Topics of the individual teaching modules are:

  • 1. Introduction. Development of teams (classroom lecture)

  • 2. System of science management and evaluation (distant learning)

  • 3. Financial sources for science, research and innovation in the Czech Republic and EU (distant learning)

  • 4. Preparation of research and innovation projects (distant learning)

  • 5. Preparation of own RDI project (distant learning)

  • 6. Basics of knowledge and technology transfer (distant learning)

  • 7. Protection of intellectual property in RDI (distant learning)

  • 8. Business model. Business plan. Spin-out (distant learning)

  • 9. Preparation of own business plan (distant learning)

  • 10. Communication skills (distant learning)

  • 11. Team & time management (distant learning)

  • 12. Project management (distant learning)

  • 13. Training of communication skills (classroom lecture)

The format of the course has been selected to achieve maximum involvement of the participants: they are required to prepare their own projects, they meet leading experts in individual fields and they get a basic overview of project management, time management, communication skills and legislative minimum.

The teaching form is hybrid, i.e. a mix of classroom and distant learning:

Classroom: Zelená posluchárna, RUK, Celetná 20, Prague 1

Distant learning: webinars (in Adobe Connect, usually on Tuesday at 16:00-17:30), teaching tests and videos in Moodle UK

Teamwork: student teams made up of 3-5 participants are required to prepare their own fictitious project, to apply for a grant and to prepare a business plan

The course is taught in English and is open every year both in the winter and summer semester.

Completion of the course is rewarded by Certificate about the successful completion.

Employees of the Charles University can attend the course free of charge.

Course participants who are not employees of the Charles University are subject to a fee.

Fees: 18 000 CZK (course), 2 000 CZK (module)





Guarantor of the Course: RNDr. Eugen Kvašňák Ph.D.


Bc. Petra Práglová

Tel.: 224 491 255

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