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  • Elements of AI - Introduction to AI

Elements of AI - Introduction to AI

  • What is Artificial intelligence (AI)? 

  • How does it influence you? 

  • What are the possibilities of AI? 

In cooperation with prg.ai, we offer you the introductory course to AI, which does not require deep mathematical or programming understanding. The online course was created by University of Helsinki together with the company Reaktor. The students of Charles University have an option of completing the course in Czech or English – the translation is provided by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. 

More information here www.elementsofai.com  

Who is this course aimed at? 

  • CUNI students from all faculties and specializations are welcome, who are interested in how artificial intelligence works and want to know its basic principles.  


How is the course organized? 

  • It is available online on the website www.elementsofai.com

  • Students work indepentdently at your own pace.

What are the topics of the course? 

The material is divided in six chapters which are:  

  1. What is AI?  

  2. AI problem solving  

  3. Real world AI  

  4. Machine learning  

  5. Neural networks  

  6. Implications 

The course material consists of supplementary texts, interactive elements and tasks.  

What is the accreditation? 

  • The course is evaluated as a credit, meaning that students may fail or pass it (without grades), worth 2 credits 

  • Completion of the course requires:

    • Successful completion of at least 90% of the excercises with minimum accuracy of 50%

    • Filling out the questonnaire with the feedback – HERE – where you should paste a link to the certificate issued in the online course. Following this, the course supervisor will give you credits in SIS.  

How is the course evaluated? 

  • The evaluatuion is based on practical excercises, including multiple-choice quizzes, numerical tests, and questions that require a written answer. Numerical tests with optional miltiple choices are evaluated automatically, whereas written open-ended questions are evaluated by other students (mutual evaluation) and, in some cases, by the course instructors.  

How to register? 

  • CUNI students enrol via SIS, the subject code is TVOL0007 

  • The registration is open 2 weeks before the semester starts. The capacity is not limited. 

  • Others within and outside of Charles University can pass the course for free after the registration at www.elementsofai.com

The course can be started and finished at any time; the registration to get the credits is repeated every academic year in both winter and summer semesters.  

Do you have any questions? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Course coordinator: Eliška Sýkorová


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